Bidenflation Strikes Again

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By Gary Bauer ~

We must slam the brakes on Biden’s disastrous agenda.

Yesterday’s report on the consumer price index showed inflation is running at a very hot rate of 8.2%, which was worse than economists had predicted.

Worse than that, the “core inflation” measure, which excludes volatile energy and food prices, shot up to 6.6% — the fastest increase in 40 years.

This is the last report on inflation — a top concern for voters — that we will get before the midterm elections.  It will hang like an albatross around every Democrat’s neck for the next 26 days.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s approval rating is below 50% on 10 leading issues.  On the most significant issues like the economy, jobs and immigration, he’s below 40%.  He won’t be any help to Democrats on the campaign trail either.

We must slam the brakes on Biden’s disastrous agenda!

Biden’s Border…

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