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The lockdowns, the lies about the damage and ramifications of the St. Floyd riots, the mutilation of children for genderqueer fucking degenerates, the Ukraine money laundering democracy NATO scam, the destruction, the inflation, the recession, the mobilization of federal law enforcement against traditionalists, the deathVax, the LIES, THEIR LIES


Aisle C

Dylan Charles,Editor
Waking Times

The last few years have truly gone by in a flash. I’ve talked to friends about this recently, and it’s just mind-boggling how time seems to have been suspended and sped up at the same time.

But a LOT has happened, and it’s easy to forget what all we’ve been through. And while I’m certainly grateful that the Covid lunacy has down-regulated a bit, the impacts of what we’ve been through will continue to affect us indefinitely.


It was about changing the structure and nature of government. About changing laws and rolling out new programs and institutions to better ‘protect’ us in the future. It was about compounding the never-ending emergency in our world.

It was about testing systems of mass manipulation, and about cementing obedience to authority with the intense and unrelenting application of a nebulous, intangible fear. It was about pushing…

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