Peter Stano and Luc Devigne Threaten Sanctions on Anyone Who Dares to Monitor Eastern Ukraine’s Referendums

Digital Empire

Peter and Luc who? These traitors shed all vestiges of democratic principle in one epic move that I will forever regard as the biggest blunder of European PR management in all of recent history.

The office of Josep Borrel and a front man for the EU’s foreign policy department has issed two warnings to all participants in the referendum, saying that even observers would be targeted with sanctions. Democracy is not permitted in Ukraine apparently.

But the referendum will stick, and these guys in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye, and Kherson should keep going. Fuck these cosmopolitan Eureaucrats who don’t have to live with the daily shelling of villages and supermarkets, and fuck these cunts who find no fault with Kiev dropping petal mines on childrens’ heads in playgrounds.

These brobdingnagian antidiluvian salamanders were fully in support of the Islamic State’s pursuit of statehood in Iraq and Syria, and they full…

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