The USA is Combating ISIS in Syria, they Say, if You Believe them!


When she was the US’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton in a congressional hearing spilled the bean: ‘we created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.’ Well, that was a shock for most westerners following her, but not for the rest of the world who knew this. It was a shock for most of those in her own country because the USA operates in secrecy, isn’t that how democracies work?!

Is there any need to remind you that ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and they only disagreed on the way they report their crimes, Al Qaeda, the US-created terrorist group, was going through some internal issues after Obama killed Osama, as he claimed, Zawahiri, Osama’s successor, and the former deputy was solidifying his rule when another figure emerged from a CIA-run prison in Iraq, this new figure was a so-called Abu Bakr Baghdadi who called on Zawahiri to pledge allegiance to…

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