Europe’s Biggest Enemy Isn’t Russia Nor Islamic Terrorism, but Israel, by Martin Jay

Excellent topic, there is much more than we realize going on between Israel and Iran. They took out Soleimani for he was the last hardcore Iranian in the way, government wise. Rahani for his PhD in Sharia Law in SCOTLAND!! JACK STRAW!!

Also Zariff is best friends with John Kerry!


Europe shouldn’t mistake either the U.S. or Israel as a friend. From Martin Jay at

When Joe Biden took office, many pundits said that at least relations between the U.S. and EU would be restored. But the Iran deal is the ultimate test of just how much he loves the old continent.

Just how far will Israel go to scupper the so-called Iran deal from being signed by both Iran and the West? And will it play a fair game or use underhand and covert tactics to achieve its goal of the deal never being signed? Recently, we have seen the talks in Vienna progress as even the Americans say that certain key negotiating points have been taken out of the deal from the Iranians which has made the negotiations move closer to an agreement; we have also seen though Israel pulling out all the stops, from a PR…

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