On the Symbolism of the Theory of Evolution

On Tradition

The theory of evolution has today become so widespread that even most self-styled ‘traditionalists’, ‘conservatives’ and ‘christians’ have begun to held it in theory if not in practice. This theory is in fact so widespread that even those who deny its application in a certain domain (for example, those who deny that it applies to the biological) will still hold it (implicitly or explicitly) in the other domains (for example the societal). Here we will attempt to demonstrate the modernist foundations of this theory, not by engaging it on its own principles, but rather by going deeper and showing the hidden meaning of its symbols.

The fundamental premise of the evolutionary theorists is that the higher arises from the lower through fortune. In this sense they are only a certain sect of the much widespread worship of Fortuna, and deserve only special attention for the first part of their premise…

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