Undead Edward – How Much does his Ghost have to do with the Great Reset?

Pretty incredible story!

Klartext Translated

byDr.Harald Wiesendanger-Klartext

Background journalism instead of court reporting.Independent. Uncomfortable. Incorruptible.

Propaganda, recently glossed over as “public relations,” is, for example, the art of staging a plan as an epidemic of the century without it being particularly noticeable. Edward Bernays (1891-1995) is considered the spiritual father of modern PR. November 22 will mark the 130th anniversary of his birthday – amid the corona crisis, a fitting occasion to commemorate his highly dangerous life’s work with urgently needed distance.

As spiritualists believe, not all spirits of the dead crumble into the afterlife immediately or prefer final annihilation. Some may stay close to the earth. Here they pass the time by stopping clocks, moving upside-down glasses, pushing open doors, and rioting in attics – preferably at night. However, the ghost, which is the subject of this post, does something far more disturbing around the clock: it obsesses – not…

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