The West ‘In Check’

Not Something Else

‘In Check’ – that’s a chess phrase, as far as I am aware. I’m not an aficionado – never developed an interest. I found an alternate interest in actual table-top war-gaming, with proper rules (I mainly wrote my own, following sufficient research) for quite a few years. But that was mainly before the age of home computing.

A simple definition for ‘In Check’ would be – “You are in a dangerous position. There may not be a way out of your predicament (in which case it is ‘Game Over’) but, if there is one, you will have to work damn hard to find and execute your escape. The only other alternative being ‘Capitulation’ – also known in the game of Chess as ‘Checkmate’.

I think it is inarguable that, within the next week (give or take a day or two), the western nations (you know who you are) aligned against…

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