The West Has Gone Insane, but NoOne has Told Them Yet

Digital Empire

In Germany you could float a portrait of Adolf Hitler at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate right now and it would be considered socially acceptable. A stark contrast to a mere 2 years ago when numerous people were being arrested and investigated for waving the seig heil, or even for teaching their pet puppies how to seig heil.

Now you can wave the seig heil in public and no one will give a shit, and it’s actually funny in my opinion. Ironic and funny. Self defeating for Germany for sure. How did this come to be?

It all has to do with Ukraine frenzy. The Bundestag and her CIA cohorts have cultivated a trend of Russophobia so deep, that all iconography tied to Ukraine has become sacrosanct.

They (the elites) always target your weakpoints, poking at all the ideological grey areas where you would likely compromise. Their ultimate goal is always the…

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One thought on “The West Has Gone Insane, but NoOne has Told Them Yet

  1. Sorry, I have to call a spade a spade here…

    The Ukrainian National symbol is derived from King Rurik’s Trident dated to AD 862.

    Whereas the Moloch symbol created by Jewish Occultist Éliphas Lévi dates to the late 19th century.

    Please stop promoting misinformation.


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