The Overton Window Moveth

According To Hoyt

I was frankly surprised only one of you complained and couldn’t even about the suggestion to abolish public/government schooling. There is a reason I had an heresy graphic with it.

I don’t know why one of you protested, because the complaint was about the overton window and I guess that I could now suggest things like this without scandal.

We’ll shelve that for late and psircle back to it.

Some of you had quibbles, and a friend had straight up opposition, so let me dispose of those before I return to the whole over-tuned window of legend.

The quibbles were:

that letting the families fend for themselves in education meant some kids wouldn’t be educated at all. I think you’ll find that’s wrong, if you look at past and other places with no state school. There are all sorts of organizations and societies that offered schooling, down to “That kind…

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