Modern-Day East India Companies Control Our Economy. Here’s How

And the world over…great essay

Empire Diaries

ByRatnaandNadim Siraj

August 15, 2022: Pandemic. Politics. Religion. Scams. Festivities. IPL. Bollywood. Droughts. Floods. Share markets. Scams. Elections. Gossip. TV debates. The list of subjects, ranging from petty to pathetic, that keep the average Indian citizen perpetually engrossed is unending. The flashflood of over-information may appear random and chaotic to you. But there’s a method in the madness.

This continued dumping of cacophonic over-information on you via social media, TV, newspapers, books, and officials doesn’t include one specific project. A silent project that prefers to keep you completely distracted from it. A silent project that wants you to focus on everything else under the bright Indian sun.

Of course, there are many intense issues we often debate on that are related to this project. Matters of the price rise, job losses, rural miseries, crop failures, etc. are issues worrying enough to talk about. But the truth…

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