“The Language and Culture Live on in Me”

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

I am a speaker of Hattstedt Frisian. As far as I know, I might be the only one. I feel comfortable with the Hattstedt Frisian language and culture. Affinity with the Hattstedt Frisian ancestors comes naturally to me. Whenever I use Hattstedt Frisian, I feel that the deceased speakers of Hattstedt Frisian are my ancestors. As they are the precedessors whose tradition I keep alive, they are my family and I respect their old ways.

Language and culture are about participation; when you partake in a language and culture, you become one with the customs you follow. Both language and culture may be perceived as based on a set of customs; when applying this idea to languages, it may be said that vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are all based on customs. I follow the same customs as my predecessors and by following the same customs, I…

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