TALKING POINTS — Freedom to Vote Act

TLAMN Incoming

Hi Campers, You’re old enough now to learn some of the Truth. NONE OF THIS IS RANDOM. Below, is Tier Two from 2020 based on on ASO Comm from 2016-18, based on RCN 2014. No Poaching, please. This was a bitch ganking. ALL typos courtesy of these wankers.


  1. LEAD with shared values: freedom, rights, choices, and voice.
  2. FRAME the bill as a transformative step forward. Every organization’s assessment may vary here but the key is not to get bogged down in policy details.
  3. CENTER voters who, by acting together, can move us toward a better future.
  4. HIGHLIGHT the tangible, positive outcomes that voting and the freedom to vote can deliver for people.
  5. CELEBRATE the accomplishments and achievements of voters and advocates for making progress on this bill.

Core Message

Whatever our color, background or zip code, in America we value our freedom. The freedom to have a say…

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