Millennials as a Social Class?

Policy Tensor

In my conversation with Bret Weinstein and Michael Lind, I mentioned that I was quite taken with Thibault Muzergues‘s electoral sociology of the West, laid out in his The Great Class Shift. In his schema, Western societies are politically fragmented into four classes. The big winner of neoliberal globalization is Florida’s “Creative” class. This is the professional class that mans all the elite professions, babbles from all the prestige media, and powers all the superstar firms from Google to Goldman. In the US and many other countries, admission into its ranks is governed by prestige schools, as Markovits has argued. The big loser of neoliberal globalization is what Justin Gest has called the New Minority; another name for the white working class which, in America, has been busy killing itself for the past twenty years. Across the West and beyond, the New Minority is behind…

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