Conspiracies And Communication


by Al Benson Jr.

One of the purposeful fallacies we have been taught in our day is that there are no such things as political conspiracies. These exist only in the minds of those who engage in shallow thinking while the supposedly intelligent realize they need to pooh-pooh such ideas. Sad to say, this fallacy has worked.

Author Arthur R. Thompson has written about this and made some interesting observations. He noted that “The movements that existed in the early 1800s–aside from religious sects–were socialism, the assault on Masonry, temperance, women’s rights, health, the occult, abolition, Manifest Destiny, atheism, the attack on property rights in general. In all of these they had interlocking leadership.” Think about that fact for a minute. Interlocking leadership in all these areas means you had one small group of people running the whole show for all these groups. Does that kind of thing just “happen”…

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