Baby boomers beware.

currency vs. money

The population growth rate of every 1st world country has dramatically been declining over the decades.

United States 1900 – 2020

So why has the population been rising? Remember this is a growth chart, not a death chart. Or total population chart.

Global population has been rising due to 3rd world countries. Each family is said to have 5 children or more. While 1st world countries are under 1 per capita.

The focus of this is going to point to social security and the baby boomer generation. Let’s get started.

The growth chart is basically saying that generation by generation, the numbers are getting smaller. Now what is happening is the baby boomers are not dying! They are retiring. Alot of them even have plans of retiring on social security. Only! They have nothing saved or their 401k is under 100k.

The boomers have worked their whole life supporting a…

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