Make Sure You Download the Latest Ministry of Propaganda Updates

Desultory Heroics

By Charles Hugh Smith

Source: Of Two Minds

It’s time once again to check for Ministry of Propaganda updates, which like Windows and iOS is constantly being updated to counter new threats andenhance the user experience(heh).

Much like the other operating systems that underpin our daily lives, the core functions of the MoP don’t change much.My chart from 2007 remains an instructive summary of MoP operations, with the only changes being Mr. Buffett is now buying oil companies and social media corporations are now major media players.

The core mission of the Ministry of Propaganda isn’t just to push a desirable narrative–it’s tomystify the underlying dynamics of a system that benefits the few at the expense of the manyby promoting a self-serving worldview (weltanschauung) that explains how the world works in a way that protects the interests of those in power.

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