Repost: Kleptocracy, conspicuous consumption, and arrogance

The Price of Liberty

Publisher’s Note: Due to a glitch not found until late Saturday, the 17th, so that the website was not accessible, we did not this out to our subscribers and others in a timely manner, so we are republishing it. With a few tweeks.

Today’s American politicians are clearly trying to keep up with the Joneses – or in this case, with the House of Windsor.

Or so it seems. The death of Elizabeth reminds us that the Windsors are among the wealthiest families (or clans) on the whole planet – not even counting what they are paid by their subjects through taxation as levied by Parliament – that is, the House of Commons. (The House of Lords today being little more than a very formal (and expensive) stage show.) Much of their conspicuous consumption is paid out of their own pockets. Even if it is revenue from ill-gotten gains of…

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