What the Hell Does BOOSH!* Mean? (Plus, a major DOA is Scheduled in Washington, D.C. Tomorrow)

Terminology decoder required 😁

TLAMN Incoming

*And/Or KA-KOW

Howdy Campers,

It’s time to come clean… Nah, I’m kidding. I just need a quick mental health break before I snap an Intern’s spine and femur and scoop out the marrow (the survivors from Alive said that was the tasty part, and they survived a plane crash in the GD Andes) [Editor’s Note: Gross. But yeah, even I hate Interns]

E-Day is fast approaching, and we remain outnumbered, as expected and this figure is dynamic, we anticipated a Spike… however this is alarming. The latest internal Reports indicate a ~723:1 ratio of DEM vs GOP OTG Vols! LOMFL feels almost as if all we can do at this juncture is accept what @Viking knows better than anyone else I can imagine: we are living in a Clown World (HONK!) It is difficult when Obligations and Retainers, plus the whole “This Our HOME”, remind us the stakes…

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