North: “The Only Political Reform That Can Make a Difference…”

Acrosss the Stars

From Gary North, The Only Political Reform That Can Make a Difference — and It Is Almost Never Mentioned

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So, you want to know why I think national politics is futile, and reforming state politics is mostly futile. I’ll tell you. My bet is, you have never seen this before.

The problem is not democracy. The problem is bureaucracy.

The politicians dare not admit this. It would make them appear to be part of a great charade: a Punch and Judy show to amuse the voters.

Political reform is a hopeless case. We have had endless political reforms in Europe and the United States. Political reform is not the heart of government. It has been in the heart of government for over a century. The heart of government is the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is the essence of government; politics is the froth.

The most important single change in American…

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