Martha’s Vineyard ‘crisis’? 15,000 flooded Texas town in single day | WND

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Illegal aliens from Haiti in Del Rio, Texas (Screenshot from Fox News drone footage)

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Martha’s Vineyard officials declared the arrival of 50 illegal immigrants to their upscale island a “humanitarian crisis,” but the small border community of Del Rio, Texas, was forced to deal with 15,000 illegal immigrants from Haiti in one day, pointed out Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

“Folks on Martha’s Vineyard are describing the burdens from 50 illegal immigrants,” he wrote. “To put that in perspective, the small town of Del Rio, TX has about 30,000 residents.”

An estimated 6,000 illegal aliens are crossing the southern border every day, immediately burdening communities on the borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

On Thursday, the 50 migrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard – where 88% voted for Joe Biden – on a flight arranged by Florida Republican Gov. Ron…

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One thought on “Martha’s Vineyard ‘crisis’? 15,000 flooded Texas town in single day | WND

  1. Yeah those elitist liberal assholes have no ideal what an “invasion” is.

    Wait until those brown bastards start overwhelming the police and hospitals and begin breaking into your house like they do where I live.


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