Hold Fauci Accountable


Fauci says that vaccines STOP the transmission of COVID.That’s not true.Fauci says that he did not fund gain of function research.That’s not true either.He told us lockdowns, masks, and shutting down schools was the right thing to do.That seems to be a lie as well.The truth is, he’s made one failing decision after another and has taken ZERO responsibility.But I’m putting him on the spot, holding him accountable, and getting the truth for the American people. That’s exactly what I told Sean Hannity this week…

Here’s the big thing…Americans cannot make informed decisions on vaccination and COVID protocols if the guy in charge is selectively “forgetting” the science.We cannot be expected to give our children a vaccination that has only been tested on 8 mice.We shouldn’t be threatened or treated as outcasts for asking for the research we deserve.I AGREE >>The…

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