Blood: The Thrill of the Hunt

Crush the Urbanite

What no one told you about the Kali Yuga, if you were aware of it before now, was how boring and repetitive it would end up at the deep end. Someday the great tidal forces of the Vedic Cycle will push this creaking shipwreck onto dry land, where the damage can be properly surveyed and repaired, before Western Civilization sets sail once more. That day is not today, and so without further delay and in keeping with the unvarnished contempt these pages hold for the whole of modernity, here is another trite, frivolous and boring platitude:

Don’t you think we’re BEYOND that sort of thing?

This sort of comment falls in the same inane category as the RIGHT side of history. Following the rule of reciprocity, it is a particularly stupid idea to attempt to reason with an absurdity: the right side of history is absurd, as the history…

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