Biden Oil Thieves Forces Build a New Base in Northern Syria

Why are we in Syria to begin with? (((Why?)))


The US Army in Syria aka the Syrian oil thieves have been busy lately, not packing to leave, they are building new bases and training terrorists to use them against the Syrian people and against the US’s own ally and NATO member state Turkey!!

This report by the Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen sheds some light, translation by me:

In addition to the separatist Kurdish SDF terrorists in the north of Syria, note they are not indigenous to Syria, the US sponsors all sorts of other terrorists including ISIS, directly and indirectly by attacking those who fight ISIS and by ‘accidentally’ dropping weapons, munition, and other gears to them, an endless number of times.

Trump said he’s keeping his troops in Syria because he likes oil, Biden is keeping them to protect his proxy terrorists, and when they die they are considered fallen heroes of the US army, and when…

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3 thoughts on “Biden Oil Thieves Forces Build a New Base in Northern Syria

  1. Thanks for this posting. Syria is at the top of my radar screen. Starting with Dubya’s regime (recall the execrable Lindsey Graham Cracker (plus one other scofflaw whose name escapes me) who “visited” Syria in 2007 to foment rebellion against the sovereign government of President Bashar Al-Assad?), then the Obama regime, then the Trump regime, and now the Biden regime, the USA has been psychotic-criminally intent on “regime change” in Syria for the benefit of — guess what terroentity? — the settler-colonial Zionist regime-to-end-all-regimes, ‘Israel,’ that illegally occupies Syria’s Golan Heights, bombs Syrian international airports at sadistic will, and otherwise practices war-by-any-term-and-on-any-means against Syria. Yes, Syria lives in a tough neighborhood. Tulsi Gabbard understood that. 99 percent of the US sheople [the “dumbed down”], the spineless and useless UN, the EU, and various-and-sundry other actively or passively compliant criminals do not understand that and have no humanity, no concept of law, no concept of justice, no care for the human rights of Syrians. Russia, bless it, has provided vital support — but never, IMO, enough — to Syria’s struggle for full sovereignty and release from ZioUS colonial/imperial war crimes and dsastardly crimes against humanity.

    Viva Syria! Viva Russia! … and, always: Viva Palestine! At the end of every day, Palestine is and will remain THE ISSUE!

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