A CENTURY AGO, America was once the city that sat upon the top of a hill, serene with a perfect view as if it were the ideal model designed by God’s grand architectural design. But now America is a monolith of decaying buildings, used needles, body fluids, and broken glass. Skid row is 3.8 million square miles and entirely populated by homeless junkies with no other possessions( albeit materialistic lifestyle is a miserable life, just look at the rootless globalist cosmopolitan elite) other than ringworms, crabs, lice, V.D., ecstasy, speed, and horse. Crack heads scream at your children in a drug-induced psychosis as drooling heroin addicts lay drooling on the bus station and as a horde of agents ask for spare change.

Nevada, which is my home state(I was born in Nevada and live in Nevada for the two and half decades I have been alive) , has the

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