‘Too tight’: The botched glove demonstration at O.J. ‘Trial of the Century’ in 1995

The 1995 Blog

Simpson mug shot_public domain Simpson: Center stage

O.J. Simpson never testified at his months-long double-murder trial in 1995.

But a consistent feature of the absorbing yet often-repellent case was that Simpson was never far from center stage — especially so at key moments in the proceedings, which stretched from late January to early October and ended in his acquittal.

One of the trial’s most memorable and decisive moments came 25 years ago when Christopher Darden, an assistant prosecutor, surprised his colleagues by asking Simpson to try on a pair of blood-stained leather gloves believed worn in the fatal attack on Nicole Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman.

One glove had been found at the murder scene, outside Nicole Simpson’s condominium in west Los Angeles. Its mate was found by a police detective outside of O.J. Simpson’s mansion a few miles away.

The gloves demonstration in the Los Angeles courtroom took place June…

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