The NATO Libyan Campaign in Perspective

Weapons and Warfare

NATO Post Libya

On Thursday, 27 October 2011 the UN Security Council voted unanimously for a resolution ‘ending the mandate for foreign military action at 23:59 Libyan time on 31 October’. During the military action the NATO-led coalition had flown 26,000 sorties of which 10,000 were labelled strike missions. Interestingly, the resolution was passed despite an eleventh-hour appeal from Libya’s NTC to continue the mission, arguing that it needed more time to assess its security needs.

For NATO the Libyan campaign was a success. However, as the
leaders of the alliance meet in Chicago in May 2012, there will be some
important lessons to be learned. The reliance on the United States for the
backbone of the Command and Control system is one that will need to be
addressed if other coalitions of the willing are to be deployed at short
notice. The combination of low collateral damage, the replacement…

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