The IAEA: An Accomplice to Hegemon USA’s Drive for Unchallenged Global Dominance

The Stephen Lendman Blog

After an IAEA team — led by imperial tool Rafael Grossi — visited the Zaporozhye NPP days earlier, its followup report failed to lay blame where it belongs for repeated shelling of the facility by Ukrainian Nazis — despite indisputable evidence provided to the agency by Russia.

Compounding its malfeasance on September 15, its board of governors backed the Kiev regime — calling for Russia to let it “regain full control over all nuclear facilities within Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders, including the Zaporozhye” NPP.

Commenting on what it called “the safety, security and safeguards implications of the situation in Ukraine,” the IAEA surrendered its independence and soul entirely to its higher power in Washington as follows, saying:

It “expresses grave concern that the Russian Federation has not heeded…the Board(’s call) to immediately cease all actions against and at nuclear facilities in Ukraine (sic).”

It “deplores the Russian Federation’s persistent violent…

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