People Power is Stronger than the Ballot Box

Europe Renaissance

Mícheál Walsh: George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) surmised, ‘every five years the people are given democracy. They then go to their ballot boxes and surrender democracy.’

There is a workable alternative to fake democracy. You are free to exercise real democracy every day of the year. You have democracy when you decide where you shop. You exercise your God-given right of being a free individual when you and not politically correct fashion leads you to leisure and pleasure.

Marketing departments of vast corporations create changing fashion. Like the donkey following the carrot on the stick you slavishly follow fashion buying their latest fashion goods to appear to be socially acceptable. Sheep or lambs to the slaughter?

Our parents and certainly our grandparents didn’t have supermarkets because they had no need for them. They grew or husbanded their own food. In doing so they produced more than they needed. The surplus…

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