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When an entire society falls under the spell of a destructive ideology, long periods of madness and brutality can ensue. Among recent ideologies which bring far more destruction than growth include radical Islam, communism, all forms of socialism (including NAZI national socialism), leftist environmentalism, wokeism, and postmodern “progressivism.”

The latter ideologies are contributing to a stark reduction in births among more intelligent women, leading to a society-wide reduction in aptitude, competence, and achievement. The degradation of west coast American cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle can be laid at the feet of modern leftist ideologies that have infested American media, academia, governments, and popular culture.

On 9/11/2001 New York City and the US Pentagon suffered deadly attacks caused by radical muslim ideology. But destruction far worse in the long run is being perpetrated on America by radical leftist ideologies that have infiltrated American institutions almost…

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