Mobile Lifestyle – What is it?

Tactical Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at S2 Underground posed this question: Are you prepared RIGHT NOW, to walk out the door with the gear you have and live a mobile lifestyle for the next 3-5 years? That’s a solid question, but a lot of you may not realize what we’re talking about here, so in this post we’re going to talk about what that means.

But first, if you are one of the “But me and Ethel-Ann are gonna bug in, so this doesn’t apply to me…” folks, let me say not so fast. You can only bug in as long as it is feasible and sensible to do so. Imagine that you’ve held off the horde for 2 days from your double-wide castle-by-the-lake, and the opposition decides to just set it on fire, out of rage. What will you do then? You will take Jeremiah’s advice:


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