Linux Introduction: Part 1


This post is dedicated to all Linux Lovers and someone who wants to get started with same in coming posts we will try to cover each and every aspect of Linux necessary. This series introduction to Linux will focus on basics and cover below parts.

History of Linux

What is Linux

Why we need to learn Linux

Features of Linux

Architecture or component of Linux

Linux File-system

Basics few commands.

Playing with directories.


User, Usergroup


So let’s get started.

History of Linux

In 1964 in Bell Laboratory a team of few engineers were working on a project, later they end up putting the same project on scrap. But two engineers or masters or genius took something out of it started working on it and ended up making Unics in 1975. The two genius were Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson.

Unics even pronounced as Unix stands for Uniplexed Information…

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