Feminism destroys Family

The TradMother

Feminism destroys family. At every wave within every degree its sole purpose was calculated to create personal confusion and internal chaos among straight family oriented heterosexuals.

As a result, millions of males in the West are demasculated and driven from their instinctual relationship and commitment to the family concept. If you remove the Father figure from any home, you remove the strength that ties the family together. The glue. The family bond. Once that is accomplished and the traditional family is broken you are left with individuals that are very easily controlled.

At the same time women have been systematically alluded into investing only in herself by contributing to a mundane career slaving away for an employer, instead of imputting this effort and love into her husband, children and home. Many women have become temperamentally unfit to be wives and mothers. They’re more Social Warriors than Mothers. This role does…

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