Why You Shouldn’t Take MSM’s Polio Alarmism at Face Value

The Most Revolutionary Act

mainstream media polio vaccine alarm feature

ByChildren’s Health Defense Team

Judging by recent news reports and government actions, public health officials are preparing us for a new epoch of polio alarmism, one that stands to serve the same purpose as the earlier waves of browbeating by media and officials — namely, to steer a frightened public toward further vaccination.

Before COVID-19, “polio” was perhaps the condition carrying the strongest cultural baggage as a trigger for parental and societal fears, thanks to years of branding that included images of children immured in cumbersome iron lungs.

For both polio and COVID-19, the public panic fomented by the media served the underlying medical-pharmaceutical agenda of promoting mass vaccination.

Even back in the pre-polio-vaccine days of 1937, an anonymous editorialist for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) sought to put cases of polio-attributed paralysis — relatively rare — in perspective, suggesting, “Without the…

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