Those with quick friends and the dead. An introduction to medical training.

Sanctity of Security

As things around us heat up we should all be gaining, maintaining and improving our medical skills. There are lots of great options for this training, but the basics for trauma treatment in the field are pretty well developed. Exsanguinating bleeding, airway, breathing, circulation, XABC is a good way to remember it. For seriously wounded patients treat those, in that order and get them to definitive care as soon as possible. Your options for treatment will depend on your training, equipment on scene, and possibly local medical rules. One thing that is often not discussed is the last part, get them to definitive care as soon as possible, which we should all keep in mind and fold into training and planning.

In a functional society when someone is hurt you call for EMS and try to help stabilize them until EMS arrives and takes over. When you look around does…

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