The Truth Eventually Comes Out: The US Finally Admits That It Was Absolutely Their Ukrainian Puppet Regime Firing On The Nuclear Power Station At Zaphorizhzhia!


Yes, sometimes the truth does come out whether the criminals trying to hide the truth like it or not… Such is the case that happened earlier today, and I want to share that information with my readers here..

Honestly, I have been so sick and tired of the LYING WHORE MEDIA that has, for the last month at least, lying their asses off when they made claims for the gullible sheep out there that it was the RUSSIANS that were launching missiles and shells at the already damaged nuclear power station along the Dneiper River at Zaphorizhzhia in southern Ukraine….

I for one absolutely just hated this propaganda from these lying sacks of shit at the media, for common sense should have instantly ruled the day by showing clearly that it made ZERO sense for the Russians to attack a nuclear power station that they had seized early on in…

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