The Five Propaganda Filters in “The Occupation of the American Mind”

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The film “The occupation of the American Mind” starts off by showing the history behind the occupation of Palestine by “Israel”. It states that in the year 1948, Zionist leaders declared the “state of Israel” that initially took 56% of Palestinian land. However, due to Arab countries rejecting this decision a war broke between Palestine and Israel, leaving thousands of people dead. Unfortunately the war ended with the victory of “Israel” thus making them gain up to 77% of the land. But for Palestinians, this period was known for them as the “nakba”, where they were getting kicked out of their land in order for “Israeli” settlers to occupy it. As for today, most Palestinians are either living under “Israeli” control, or outside their country as refugees.

Moving on to the US media, that showcases “Israel’s” point pf view, making Palestine look like terrorists and “Israelis” looking like the ones…

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