SUCCESSION: the triumph of three over seven

The Slog

A few of us here in the Gambian office have been batting ideas back and forth about our new king, the ineptly named Charles III – better known to Sloggers as C3PO:

For myself, I think the first official photograph (left) quite appropriate given the silly old fart suffers from incurably robotic shiney-but-lobrow cod science syndrome. I’m being flippant, but from here on I hope to register some concern in a more serious vein.

So convinced was I last Friday that the new monarch would declare himself George VII, I bounced onto Twitter and declared the belief without fear of contradiction. I turned out to be wrong.
It’s not the being wrong that bothers me so much as the reasons why I felt sure I was right. Let me explain.
Many years ago – we’re talking almost half a century here – I was very close to one…

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