Spike Proteins and other Vaccine Mysteries

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Agenda 2030

Good evening folks. It’s been three days since I’ve posted so thought I’d throw this one up the flagpole and see who [if anyone] salutes. I have been busy here on the Malahat. A woman about a decade younger than me just moved into the cabin down the lane and I have been aclimatizing her. Kind of interesting. She followed her young adult son out to the West coast from Ontario…driving all the way alone, having her belongings sent separately in one of those containers. She’d only been out here once before…skiing at Whistler…lol. As it that would prepare you for living in an isolated area on a mountain where it gets socked in big time in the winter…for months! as I found out last year.

She only saw the cabin she bought via Zoom from Ontario. Her son should have checked it out for her–but you know…

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