Russia, In Spite of or Because of Recent Events, Still in the Driver Seat in Ukraine

Not Something Else

The unabashed glee of the west over what has proven – now the smoke has cleared – to have been nothing more than a storm in a teacup during the second week of September, is (in the minds of those in the west who still have some sort of grip on reality) turning to thoughts of “Oh no, what did we do?” They have begun to count the tally of Ukraine lives lost (closer to 10-1 than the claimed 5-1, I suggest) and the number of Ukrainian – mostly foreign donated – machines of war, destroyed. The result must be giving them the horrors, and good reason to doubt they will ever be able to pull off such a dramatic, foolhardy and costly stunt again. Especially now that many of their finest troops, and the only remaining reserves they can call on, are of the female variety (if we exclude…

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