I speak a beautiful bird

Oracular Intelligence

I speak a beautiful bird,
and your eyes place him there,
blue and red and yellow,
you put him there, sweet bird;
heart suddenly finds its wings,
Oh, your light is his great sun;
but I myself can barely see for long
as he flies away into the great fog,
through the tears in your eyes,
that fall only to your lover’s knees
who spells “The birds are better there”.

When you meet a new person or group of people in your life, you will also meet all their attachments, ancestral, current, and even future. When you speak to them, they will respond with any one of these. There is not one person here, but many in one. Will you know this consciously? No, you generally won’t, unless you have some kind of extra-sensory perception, or psychic ability. It is so easy to get absorbed into other people’s world, and…

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