Book Review: “War Is A Racket,” by General Smedley D. Butler

Excellent book!! I will get this to this page soon:

ST UnWoke!

Is there anyone left in America who doubts that war is a racket? If so, this book will outline in lurid detail the obscene profits that are made during times of war.

General Butler a retired Marine Corp Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient, wrote “War Is A Racket” in 1935. Anyone who knows even a little bit about what went on during the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq knows that things have only gotten worse since then. War is definitely a racket, for some, anyway. The question is, what can be done?

General Butler offers three steps:

  1. “We must take the profit out of war”
  2. “We must permit the youth of the land who would bear arms to decide whether or not there should be a war.”
  3. “We must limit our military forces to home defense purposes.

As so often happens, I am totally unqualified…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “War Is A Racket,” by General Smedley D. Butler

  1. A superlative, *essential* posting! I’ve known and admired General Butler’s piercing, on-point quote for years….

    As it happens, yesterday I watched Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program of the day over lunch. It featured an articulate and passionate young activist-lawyer from Guam. A native Chamorro, he waxed eloquent in a mesmerizing way about the rapaciousness of the military/DoD/MIC that, inter alia, has so much taxpayer money to lavish here, there, and everywhere (some 800 “everywheres” around the globe). His lament of an ongoing frenzy to *further* increase the militarization of his people’s tiny spot on the globe, ruining/bulldozing native habitat/fauna and flora with disdain along the way, was immensely moving/saddening.

    (I am all the more “totally unqualified”….)

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