‘Ministry of Plenty’ Declares Weather-Driven Power Rationing All For The Greater Good


In Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Plenty was quick to herald any positive statistic, however bogus. Standards of living were always rising; as was the production of food, shoelaces and ill-fitting boots. Triumphant announcements were made about the chocolate ration increasing, simultaneously that the ration was, in fact, being reduced. An example of what the Party defined as doublethink.

Winston Smith was not the only one that struggled with the irony (of course, those that did so openly were ‘vaporised’ or headed to Room 101 for re-education). All for the Greater Good.

Wind the clock forward to 2022: we’re still being told that wind and solar power is both cheap and plentiful, but at the same time we’re being bullied into not using it. Without a hint of irony.

Wind and solar ‘powered’ Germans are being ‘encouraged’ to slash their energy use; in Britain the stage is set…

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