From Balfour to the Nakba


Keep your friends close…

▪️In 1903 HORACE KALLEN was personally hired by future American President WOODROW WILSON, then Princeton University’s president, to teach there.


▪️Much of the American definition of Zionism from 1914 until 1921, came from virtually unknown social philosopher Horace M. Kallen, who acted behind the scenes in many capacities with LOUIS BRANDEIS.

▪️Jewish American attorney LOUIS BRANDEIS, who was to go on to become a Supreme Court Justice, “became” a Zionist in 1912.

Peter Grose, “Louis Brandeis, Arthur Balfourand a Declaration That Made History,” Moment 8, no. 10 (November 1983): 27-28. Online at

▪️During this alleged “conversion”, BRANDEIS served as WOODROW WILSON’s chief economic adviser from 1912 until 1916.

▪️During WOODROW WILSON’s first year as president, BRANDEIS was instrumental in shaping the new Federal Reserve Act.


▪️Within two years BRANDEIS became head of the international Zionist Central…

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