Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows

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JCVI to Advise Government Against Vaccinating Children Over Safety Concerns

A newstudypublished in theNew England Journal of Medicine(NEJM) shows not only that the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid vaccine becomes negative (meaning the vaccinated are more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated) within five months but that the vaccine destroys any protection a person has from natural immunity.

The study is a large observational study that looks at 887,193 children aged 5 to 11 years in North Carolina, of whom 273,157 (30.8%) received at least one dose of Pfizer vaccine between November 1st 2021 and June 3rd 2022. The study includes 193,346 SARS-CoV-2 infections reported between March 11th 2020 and June 3rd 2022.

The researchers used a form of statistical modelling with adjustments for confounding factors (such as underlying conditions) to calculate estimates of vaccine effectiveness over time and against the different Covid variants.

The findings are…

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6 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows

  1. Let’s get the whole story here fellas and stop spreading re-mastered BS about the dangers and benefits of the vaccines. Here is some more of what the Bew England Journal of Medicine had to say about immunity, natural immunity and the covid vaccines: Point No. 1 — “While it’s true that immunization wanes, new scientific research from The New England Journal of Medicine suggests natural immunity lasts longer than immunity acquired from vaccines.”

    Point No. 2 — The best news is that “any form of previous immunity, whether induced by previous infection or vaccination, is associated with strong and durable protection against Covid-19–related hospitalization and death.” (In other words, both vaccines and natural immunity reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from Covid.)

    I guess the anti vax crowd is not going to mention these statements from the NEJM are they?

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    1. There is equivalent lack of proof of the safety and efficacy of the vaccines as there is lack of proof of the danger and ineffectiveness of the vaccines.

      It is obvious I am partisan on this matter and lean towards danger and ineffectiveness.


      1. I am a survivor of covid and I lean toward thanking God for the vaccines because I got through it alive and with no noticeable symptoms or after effects at all. And I am in a high risk group so I go with the vaccines. Others can do whatever they want.

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