Computational Ontology: Can Computers Become a Source of New Knowledge?

Artificial Intuition

There is an on-going debate on whether computers can help generate knowledge. As we know, the oldest form of generating knowledge was via experimentation. Ever since man has started to experiment, initially without any rigor, almost accidentally, and later, thanks to Galileo, in a more or less systematic manner, he has realized that knowledge is equivalent to experience. Experience, on the other hand, is a set of conclusions or rules drawn from repeated experiments. Experimentation by computer, that is simulation in its true sense, is instrumental towards knowledge generation. Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) is the simplest, most universal and versatile way of doing experimentation via computing, and therefore, establishes a rigorous platform for the actual computation of knowledge. Experimentation has been forbidden for a very long time. Since Aristoteles has established his dogmatic approach to “science”, it was unnecessary to perform any experiments since any theory built on dogmas, that…

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