And Then They Came for You…

It is accelerating

A Lady of Reason

What happens when a nation deems a group within it as a scourge on its people? When that group is looked upon with suspicion of an ulterior motive? When a person is labeled as a danger to their neighbor? When the nation is told by their government, their media, their schools, and everyone else in positions of power and prestige that a certain group is out to oppress, silence and intimidate honest citizens? When millions of people are publicly declared as a threat to the very fabric of the nation by their leader? More importantly, just how far will a nation go to defend itself against this perceived “threat”?

If you think I’m referring to something from your history class think again: It’s happening right now as we speak. Here. In the United States of America. It’s no surprise to many Americans that the Left has gained an overwhelming control…

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