Wokeness is Weakness

The Neo-Ciceronian Times

America, and by extension the rest of the West, are afflicted with a sickening pathology that is rotting away the strength and power of our nations. Like a cancer that eats away at the strength of a healthy body, this pathology has been systematically weakening the social and physical infrastructure that made the West strong and capable. This pathology is nothing less than progressivism.

Progressivism is an especially divisive and destructive force because it combines three features that individually are bad enough, but when fused become an absolutely horrid composition. The first of these is a penchant for undermining and weakening existing institutions, usually with a view toward capturing them for their own ends. The second is an envenomed, manichean approach to…basically everything. The third is its replacement of reality with a “magic words” way of thinking that leads to an increasingly wide gulf between their policies and the real…

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