Outlaws & Patriots

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Searching History

Early America and the Quest for Independence


Seldom has there ever been a sense of “we” in Great Britain. National unity did manifest itself as a result of wars, but this has always been a fickle indicator because people tire of war rather quickly, particularly when they realize its cost regarding taxes and loved ones lost. If we ignore the temporary unity that comes from national mobilization, there have always been class distinctions in British society: Royals vs. everyone else, wealthy class vs. middle class, better off vs. worse off, industrialists vs. agriculturalists, white-collar vs. blue-collar, and the usual racial or ethnic divisions. If we remove “royals” from the equation, then we find favorable class comparisons within American society.

Several conditions in Merry Old England explain why so many British people migrated to the American colonies, including escaping poverty, persecution, political turmoil, famine, and disease. It takes a powerful…

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