German troops permanently deployed to Lithuania

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September 4, 2022

First German NATO brigade troops arrive in Lithuania

Around a hundred German soldiers arrived in Lithuania on Sunday (4 September 2022), part of NATO’s increased presence on the Alliance’s eastern flank….

The German troops make up the command unit of a new brigade, a force usually made up of around 3,000-5,000 soldiers. The soldiers are part of Germany’s 41st tank brigade and arrived in Klaipeda port by ferry from Kiel. The unit consists of about 100 personnel, as well as equipment for command and control, communications and logistics.

“The arrival of the first German troops as part of the NATO brigade represents an important step in strengthening NATO’s…sending a clear message that NATO will defend every inch of Allied territory,” said NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu.

The brigade’s command staff will remain permanently in the Baltic nation, while combat units will join them on rotation for exercises…

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